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Theresa Hanson

Theresa Hanson

I am both the web designer and frontend developer. When I create a website design I am planning from design to the actual code that will build your website. Designing and coding the frontend of the website allows me to create the best looking design with the most efficient code.

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Matt Larson

Matt Larson

I am the co-founder and lead developer of Web Elements, LLC. I love everything about programming, and making websites is a passion of mine. I have been programming my whole life and I take great pride in building software solutions that are easy to use and as efficient as possible.

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Fritz the grey pitbull


I have the most important job in the business, making sure the humans don’t spend the whole day looking at the computer screen. Daily, I am tasked with motivating Matt and Theresa to take a nice walk to refresh the thoughts, smell the fire hydrants, and stretch the legs. I also have taken on the side project of Chief Security Officer. I take delight in notifying the office of any new visitors or passersby, both two and four legged.

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Oliver the wee baby Larson


I am the most demanding member of our business. If I'm not happy, no one is happy. I have an insatiable hunger to learn new processes and hone my skills. I ensure that everyone in the business maintains a healthly routine, including snack breaks, naptimes, and playtimes.

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